Running Gait Analysis - Runscribe - Real World Run Analysis!

Small lightweight sensors that are used during real world running sessions

Not confined to the treadmill, where most of us do not run and competitions do not happen

Cycling Biomechanical Analysis - coming soon!


Wear the sensors and complete your regular running

  • Any terrain (road/ trail/ track/hills)

  • Any type of session (tempo/ speed/ easy/ walk: jog)

  • Any shoe choice

  • Any weather 

  • Any distance of run so we can capture you when fresh and fatigued


Certified Athletic Therapist and Biomechanist Brittany Mercier will review your running goals with you and how your gait can be gradually adjusted for your benefit. she will review the 3D mechanics of your running and assess your musculoskeletal system to guide your plan with actionable steps.




- Prevent injuries
- Aid in successful return from injury
- Optimize run form for performance and efficiency
- Be more comfortable while running


- From beginner walk/ joggers to elite competitive runners
- System trusted by the top elites, but helps us all


Single run

  • $200 for 1 run session analyzed, plus initial assessment and at-home plan

  • $150 for 1 run follow up in less than 6 months

4 Run

  • $300 for 4 run sessions analyzed (varying the terrain and run types), plus assessment and at-home plan

  • $200 for 4 run follow up in less than 6 months

Combo packages available for Nutrition and Biomechanical consults

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