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How to get into the Vitality Program

Your health is who you are. Pursue a winning game plan for your health!

This program is meant for those looking to begin or enhance a healthier lifestyle, willing to be critical of their current health behaviours and pursue more effective avenues for lifelong health. The first step to healthy behaviour change is awareness, followed by action!

The program will be 4 months long, working with out staff here at RPC, as well as including comprehensive care for your family physician to be aware of. 

Your Health is More Than Your Body

Have you ever considered how much each area of your life can start to affect other areas, good and bad? Each area of our life has a "health" reading, similar to our gas tank or phone battery. Like a bank account collecting interest on how much you save, our health keeps the score of our habits and choices.



The Vitality Program

This program was born out of the pandemic’s effect on our health. We wanted to offer something to improve health, so that prevention can serve our lives more than disease management can. As our main page displays, health is not as simple as having no illness or injury. That is just a neutral zone, where growth and improvement cannot live! Living in an optimal health zone leaves more cushion room if the unexpected does come up, so you feel more resilient and in control of your comeback.

The Vitality program is meant to give you a lifelong game plan that sticks as you pursue your health goals. This is built specific to you and you alone.

Take a peek below to reflect on what areas of your life are flourishing or if they are hanging out on the backburner.

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