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Choose Your Path

1. Nutrition Essentials

2. Performance Nutrition 

3. Group Athlete Nutrition seminars


Before your session you will be asked to complete a survey to outline your current nutrition and future goals. Brittany will then meet with you to review this survey and and develop a plan that works for your lifestyle, addressing your specific nutritional support needs, creating a better understanding of how you think and feel about food, and implementing practical tips for your busy life. Meetings can be virtual or in-person depending on your preference.


Sport-specific nutritional plans are also available that focus on training and competition fueling plans and specific nutrition strategies.

If you have been considering pursuing some nutrition goals, and want to make sure Brittany is a good fit to support your needs go ahead and book a complimentary video call with her!


Spend 15 minutes with her and get a chance to see if the two of you are a good match to work with one another on your nutrition goals! Clarify any burning questions you may have, and briefly review your nutrition goals to get an idea of what Brittany could help you with.


Effective, practical and realistic nutritional plans that are truly designed for long lasting meaningful change take time.


Follow ups typically occur 3- 5 weeks after initial assessment, giving you the time and flexibility to practically implement changes into your life in a realistic and lasting pattern. Email contact is available between appointments.

Follow up nutrition appointments can be done in-person or virtually!


Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Assessment - $200 (1.5 hours and take-home actionable plan)

Performance Nutrition Assessment - $250 (2 hours and take-home actionable plan)

Follow up - $150

Group Athlete Nutrition Seminars - $200 (1 hour session on groups' chosen topic)

Combo packages available with Biomechanics assessments and Nutrition

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