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In Alberta, physiotherapy is a regulated health-care profession. This means only qualified professionals can become registered physiotherapists and use the titles physiotherapist, physical therapist or PT.


Physiotherapists are experts on how your body moves and what stops it from moving. Our Physiotherapists perform a comprehensive orthopaedic assessment to determine not only where the dysfunction is, but ​why​ it is there.


They treat all areas of the body including: the spine, head and neck, and extremities. They will assess, diagnose and treat physical symptoms and limited movement caused by

  • injury

  • aging

  • disability

  • or a health condition.


A Physiotherapist utilizes hands-on techniques to restore mobility - working on both joints as well as soft tissues such as

  • muscles

  • ligaments

  • tendons

  • or fascia.

Those hands-on techniques are then complimented with exercises to maintain that new mobility and correct the issues that lead to the deficit in the first place.

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