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Services Coming Soon:

  • Group/Team Performance and Recovery Program 

  • Chiropractic Care

  • Medical Services


that can be used during your appointment with a Physiotherapist:

IFC/TENS electrical current - pads are applied to an area of the body with a mild electrical current running between the pads. This can help cause desensitization of the area, for managing pain or muscle spasm. It can also be a useful tool to help weakened muscles regain strength after surgery or immobilization.


Normatec compression sleeves, massage guns, and vibrating foam rollers - all great recovery tools for stiffness and muscle spasm, for use before or after exercise. Sign up for times to use these fantastic tools during your time in LFC's fitness facility.


Soft Tissue Tools - Cupping and soft tissue blades are supplementary tools than can be used to reduce muscle tone or tension in addition to hands on treatment, movement, and exercise.

Athletic Taping - Tape can be applied for specific support or biofeedback needs. 

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